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  1. Hey ROB: You DO look good… especially with the little scruff. Hope you are enjoying life there. Talk to you later.

  2. Rob !!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the pics taken in Taiwan !!! i remember that massive hotel 😉 one of the top hotels in taiwan i think..but it’s an old hotel 🙂 keep the pics coming.

    i hope you are doing well in taiwan – from what i could remember, people are pretty friendly..lots to do at night…lots to eat at night (or all day long actually 😉 !! take care ! i also have an online diary thing but it’s not on eblogger. i’ll give you the link in the future. take care ! Peggy

  3. Hey Rob! I haven’t seen you for so long… It’s great to see you having fun in Taiwan and having a new pair of glasses!

    You look great!

  4. Cool glasses. They must have a thick rim or something though – judging by the shadow that seems to be cast across your upper lip…

  5. No Dave, that’s called not shaving for a few days because local razors are about as sharp as your wit. ^_- I got tired of cutting my face to ribbons so I stopped shaving until I managed to find some good quality Gillette Mach 3’s, and damn if they weren’t the best shave this man could get. (Seriously, they’re good as advertised! I was shocked. And made in the USA too.)

  6. Indeed, I cut myself everytime I use something other then my mach3. All 6 times I shave a year 😛

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