The view to the Northeast from out hotel balcony in Singapore, room 5668, as in, Floor 56 (of 70), room 68. (Although I’d say there were really only 20 rooms on the floor that I could tell.) When we were driving in from the airport I noticed that most of the tall buildings in Singapore are painted white, which gave me a clue as to the normal colour of the sky. The weather in Singapore is incredibly gentle, 3 days in the Sun in 30+ degrees temperatures and Rob (who burns bright red in 20 minutes of Ontario Summer sun) didn’t even turn a darker shade of pink, only my face got a little redder.  Posted by Hello

The view to the Northwest from our hotel Balcony. In the far distance we could even see Maylasia when the weather was clear. Posted by Hello

A traditional old style Singapore streetfront near our hotel. You’ll notice the bright colours; in fact all the “old” buildings we saw in Singapore had shiny bright new coats of paint on their VERY well kept exteriors. Between the gentle weather and the government upkeep the whole city feels more like a theme-park than a real city. It’s like being on a hollywood set they made yesterday because everything is clean and nothing shows any wear. (Unless you look really hard.) It’s kind’ve creepy, really. I shutter to think how many Singaporeans are just employed in keeping the city clean and well maintained. Posted by Hello

This is the “Shaw Tower”, and if you look reeeealy carefully you can see the Shaw Brothers logo at the very top. The Shaw Brothers were the makers of most of the Hong Kong Kung-Fu flicks of the 1960’s, 70’s and early 80’s and were a group of rich Hong Kong businessmen. They seem to own a couple big buildings in Singapore. Posted by Hello

The business tower skyline. On the right you can see what I referred to as the the “Cut-Off CN Tower”, which is their cenetaph war memorial to Singapore’s WWII experiences. Posted by Hello

The habourfront park near the Art Gallery is filled with these giant black statues of naked fat people in a vareity of poses (including having sex). I’m told there is also a gallery of the artist’s paintings of fat people someplace in this area as well, but managed to miss them. Not on my list of regrets. Posted by Hello

This is the front of a Duckboat, an amphibious tour craft use to tour the habourfront. (As opposed to the docks, which are on the other side of downtown.)  Posted by Hello

The only picture from the Night Safari that Connie and I went to the first night in Singapore. It’s basically a zoo filled with nocternal animals which are lured into certain viewing areas by regular feedings so the tourists can see them. Some of the animals are really amazing, I saw a deer the size of a guinea pig, and a guinea pig (Capybara) the size of a small deer! This is the only picture because the animals are scared by flash photography, so none is allowed inside the park. Posted by Hello

Monday we went to Sentosa Island, a popular tourist spot and the former military base because it controls the only entry point to the harbour from sea. Unfortunately the guns were facing seaward when the Japanese attacked from shore, which didn’t help Singapore much, and it fell into Japanese hands for about 3.5 years of WWII. Posted by Hello