Today, Connie, her mother and I visited the temple in downtown Taipei to pay respects to Guan Yu, the Patron Saint of Bravery and Justice. I visited this place again because I had offered him a prayer when I first came to Taipei and felt I owed him thanks for my good luck since I got here. Connie was offering a prayer for success in her upcoming entrance exams. Posted by Hello

The closed and barred front door to the temple entrance, you can see the two guardian dragonish on either side. On this day people were entering through the side door. Posted by Hello

While we offered our prayers and thanks to Guan Yu we left food to be blessed on the table at the back of the temple. It was there for about 15 minutes or so, and then we left with it. I guess it had something to do with the praying Nuns. Posted by Hello

As you can see, the Guan Yu temple was crowded with people making prayers and offerings. In the foreground you can see nuns reading their religious scriptures. Posted by Hello

The front door of the English for Special Purposes division of Kojen where I work, it’s the only one in Taipei and consists of a grand total of two rooms.  Posted by Hello

The cozy non-office which I share with the other 3 ESP teachers. This is basically a prep-room where we drop by, do our work, and then leave. There’s also a secretarial office next door, and that’s pretty much the whole place. (Mind you, KoJen does actually occupy most of the building, but that’s the regular school, not the ESP devision.) Posted by Hello