Birthday Girl! Happy Birthday Honey!

Today, November 27th, was Connie’s birthday, so we went out to a very elegant French restaurant and had a wonderful time wandering around one of the nicer areas of town. This picture is actually from last night when we were out to see 40 Year Old Virgin at a Theatre Near Taipei 101. Posted by Picasa

A Quest Begins!

So, Friday morning came, and armed with my new camera and one of the first nice days I had free time I set out to the local forested mountain near my home to get pictures of the giant spiders and other critters that live there. On the way I stopped to take a picture of a few residences such as this appartment block. I’m not sure if I should call them row-apartments or what, since they’re essentially one giant building, but at the same time a series of individual 4 storey apartment buildings. Anyways, the rounded fronts on these triggered my asthetic sense, so I snapped this shot. Posted by Picasa


The front gate of one of the apartments which was part of the block from the previous picture. I wanted to get a shot of the engraved front doors, a style which is quite common here in Taipei, but not everyone can afford. Posted by Picasa

You say Lorry, I say Truck.

One of the everpresent trucks which flit about Taipei picking things up and dropping them off, and with that much power under the hood these things really move when they’re not loaded! Posted by Picasa

3 Generations

I rather like this shot. In the foreground is a very old farmhouse structure, in the middleground is an apartment building that’s probably around 20 years or so old, and in the background is a brand new ultramodern apartment building. Posted by Picasa

Canine Encounter

On the road at the base of the mountain I encountered a small dog pack (including a Chihuahua!), of which this rather defiant looking fellow was the leader. But, I just walked right past them and he wandered out of the way. The local (often stray) dogs are extremely wary of humans and generally unless there’s a really big group of them they will stay away from you and even run away unless you have food. Then they might follow behind you at a distance hoping for something, but are generally pretty harmless. Posted by Picasa

Grass Lizard

As I walked along the roadway, I would constantly hear the sound of things moving in the grass, small things I assumed were bugs until I got a good look at this little guy. (Look closely at the center of the picture.) What was going on was that all around me were grass lizards sunning themselves on this beautiful day and they were running when they heard me get too close. Posted by Picasa