Thursday nights I teach an intermediate level class at a company called Edison which makes optical sensors and other light-related electronics. Here’s me and the class clowning around for the camera. In order from left to right they are: (Back) Roger, Lewis, Vila, Serena, Me, Maggie and Alan. (Front) Jeff, Jay, “Smiling” Sammy (I have never seen her not smile) and Rita. Posted by Picasa

What? There’s not enough pictures of me in this Blog? Noooo, problem! Here I am striking a powerful pose as the intimidating individual that is Rob! Posted by Picasa

Terrance (seen the background reading sagely), Chris, and I are not alone in our struggle to bring proper English grammar to the corporate masses of Taipei! Here’s the “baby” of our family, Bonnie, an ESL teacher just 4 weeks out of Toronto and fellow Canuck who has chosen a hard but rewarding life at ESP. Posted by Picasa

The ancient Greeks believed their lives were ruled by three women who wove human existance and destiny. In the ESP department, there are also 3 women who weave destiny, their names are Sharon, Sandy, and this last, youngest, and cutest fate: Crystal! Cheerful bespeckled Crystal is usually the one who accompanies us on our first trips to various companies and keeps our lazy butts in line. Posted by Picasa

This is a nice modern bank building sitting next to the thin appartment building in the core of the city, done in the old style and set up to look like it’s made of white marble. Very stylish. Posted by Picasa

Modern Appartment Building

Last Entry I showed an old style appartment building, but to keep people from thinking Taipei is some kind of third-world place, I am going to also start posting examples of modern architecture like the incredibly thin modern appartment building above! Posted by Picasa