Blue-Tailed Skink

A rather large Blue-Tailed Skink, this on brave enough to let me get a few shots in before it dashed off into the bush. I saw lots of them on my hike, but they were mostly too skiddish to get a picture of. Posted by Picasa

The road frequently travelled.

The mountainside road I was wandering up, you can see planters for flowers on the right, filled with old bush plants and weeds. This whole place is like a park that was made and then let go to seed. Posted by Picasa


As I walked along this car-wide pathway I found a literal wall of sand had been build across the path, and between these walls ran a network of thousands of ants buzzily racing back and forth doing their thing. Luckily I didn’t step on the channel or disturb it, but I do wonder why they would build a wall like this. It didn’t go down into the ground, it rose up above it, maybe it was to protect against rain or something. Posted by Picasa

Nature Trail to Heck!

Yes, this nice forest pathway might look unassuming and gentle, but what lies down it will chill you to the bone…Which is why I didn’t go down it…So I don’t really know what’s there….Except spiders, and lots of ’em! Posted by Picasa

A Deadly Mantis

I found this little guy crossing the road and he agreed to model for me. I’m rather pleased by how this picture turned out. Actually, right near where I took this I heard a rustling and saw the tail of a snake the size and length of my arm disappear into the brush when I was coming back past this spot. (Too fast to get a picture) The TAIL was the size and length of my arm, the whole snake must have been a good couple meters long. I heard the local snakes are poisonous too, joy. I was so shocked I just stood there staring at the spot where the tail disappeared for a couple minutes to check if I could see it again…which thinking back on it might not have been the smartest thing to do… Posted by Picasa

And in the middle of a Taiwanese mountain forest/jungle I find…

A line of overgrown pseudo-greek planters filled with weeds! Here’s just one of them, which wasn’t too overgrown so I could get a good shot of it! Posted by Picasa

What lies beyond?

At a fork in the road about 2/3rds up the mountain is this gate, which I always wonder about. It obviously leads to a home since there is a call-box on the right just above that potted plant. I wonder if it’s a mansion of some kind. Now the weird part is this time there was actually very beautiful female singing coming from up somewhere beyond it while I was taking this picture. Apparently whoever lives there is a music lover, or performer. Posted by Picasa