Tuesday night with Lisa and Friends.

Tuesday night I again met up with some of my local friends at a bar called The Honest Lawyer in downtown London. I’d actually met up with this group the day after I came back to Canada, but forgot my camera that night because I was still so jetlagged.

Lisa To (the girl with the glasses in the picture above) is one of my closest and best friends. She’s an honest and kindhearted girl who was one of my first classmates when I returned to school in 2000 and had the misfortune to sit down next to Rob. Over the years we’ve gone through a lot together, and I consider her like family. Lisa is always curious, and never stops asking questions, which since I seem to have most of the answers she’s looking for, has made for a great friendship! She’s studying hard to be an engineer, and I have no doubts she’ll make a great one after she graduates. ^_^ She’s just got to survive one more year… Posted by Picasa


Janet is a smart (too smart, sometimes) and sassy Shanghai lady studying Economics at my local University. She’s one of the most friendly and ambitious women I know, and she brings a taste of Shanghai style to poor dull London. I have known Janet for about 3 years now, and consider myself lucky to call her my friend. Posted by Picasa


This cutie is Doreen, Lisa’s roommate who I have known for about 4 years now. Originally from GuangDong province in China, Doreen has matured a lot in the time I’ve known her, from a awkward and shy girl to a forward thinking young woman. She’s also got good taste in men, apparently, since a Taiwanese guy won her heart not long before this picture was taken. (Sorry guys!) Posted by Picasa

The Whole Gang

You’re probably wondering why everyone in this picture but me is Chinese even though I’m in Canada. No, this is not a picture from Taiwan that I have put in here by mistake. The answer is that when I went back to school the second times, the first friends I made there Lisa, and Anthea (pictured later) were both Chinese-Canadians. Thanks to them, my network of friends I made at the school while I was there were almost all Chinese! I guess you could say it was training for my time in Taiwan, and one of the reasons Chinese culture is so familiar to me even though I am Canadian. (From left to right, pictured here is Doreen, Lisa, Janet, Some Canadian, Connie, and Arthur.) Posted by Picasa

Aunt Marion

On Wednesday, my family members from Hamilton came down to have a visit with us and a small birthday party for my Aunt Elsie. They couldn’t make it to the Christening because of the bad weather, and we were very disappointed, but in the end things worked out very well as we had a smaller party with them alone. Pictured here is my Aunt Marion (my mother’s younger sister), who came with my Uncle Tom, my grandmother, and my Aunt Elise (my grandmother’s sister). Posted by Picasa


A beautiful picture of my grandmother, Dorothy Ollerton, a wonderful lady of 95 who has been a big part of my life since I was little. Although now she is old and not as spry as she used to be, she still has her quick wit and her sense of humour. With a twinkle in her eye, she’s always ready to make a comment or tease her grandson every chance she gets. Apple Pie! Posted by Picasa

Christmas in February

My family had saved Christmas Presents for both Connie and myself until we got there, so this was not just a birthday party, but also a Christmas party! Here’s Connie opening a card from my relatives. Posted by Picasa

And finally the lady of the hour…

My Aunt Elsie, who by the time you read this will be officially 97 years old! She’s been a Great Great Aunt in every sense of the word, and each birthday we celebrate with her is one I cherish a lot. A wonderful lady who always puts others first, I can’t say enough about her so I will just say Happy Birthday Auntie! ^__^ Posted by Picasa

Bunny Charlotte

On Thursday, Connie and I hopped onto a train and sped off to Toronto to go and stay with my sister’s family for a few days. We had quite the misadventure in Toronto Union Station, managing to miss not one, but two city trains before we finally got one which would take us to my sister’s home. Eventually we got there and got to spend a lot of time visiting with the Jacklin family, including her two golden retrievers Megan and Eden. We had a great Swiss Chalet dinner and had a quiet night at home after a long trip. Posted by Picasa