Count ’em!

“Yes ma’am, as you can see. I lost one of my fingers in a bad sheering accident two years ago. Anyone who doesn’t like the sight of blood better stand back, because sometimes this gets messy.” Posted by Picasa


What can I say, I love taking pictures of cute girls? I have no idea who this is, but she’s quite photogenic, don’t you think? And quite fascinated by what’s happening to that poor sheep. Posted by Picasa

Help me!

A experiment in using my camera’s digital zoom function, which didn’t impress me very much. Still, it caught the look of fear in that poor sheep’s eyes. Well, either fear or boredom…you be the judge! Posted by Picasa

Show’s over, Mates!

Our real Australian sheep sheerer wishes the crowd a fond farewell in his best Australian Chinese. The other sheep behind him breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that they have been spared for yet another day! Posted by Picasa

Rob of the mountains…

Rob pauses from his adventures in photography to pose majestically before the verdant trees, sublime mountains and rolling grey sky. Posted by Picasa