Got your back!

A couple takes time out from hiking through the park to spend a peaceful moment napping at the top of Taiwan. We were pretty tired after climbing up all those stairs too! Posted by Picasa

Don’t feed the…oh nevermind…

Ryan pauses to feed the sheep before the trainer came to chase them off. Rogue sheep are a problem in the park, first they start begging for food and then they start begging for money, it’s a bad cycle the trainers work to keep them from. Posted by Picasa

Heavy Metal

Coming around the top of the hill, we came across this child-eating metal worm nestled in among playground equipment. (An obvious trap.) We wisely decided to avoid going into the worm’s territory (lest we get stuck inside it) and headed for the more adult-friendly wooden climbing equipment off to the left of this picture. Posted by Picasa

Help me!

Narissa can’t get up the courage to go backwards or forwards on top of the climbing net. She was eventually rescued by some gallant gentlemen who climbed up and helped her get over her hurdle and go down the other side. Posted by Picasa