Hello Kitty! The Ching Jing Adventure Begins!

So, on the May first holiday weekend, I joined Connie and her assorted friends and co-workers in a trip to the legendary Ching Jing tea farms in central Taiwan. Getting up bright and early Saturday morning, I hopped a taxi to meet Connie and the others, and then we piled into two cars for the trip to Ching Jing. This Hello Kitty car belongs to Connie’s friend and manager Monica, and despite it’s small size it has a lot of power. (Just like Monica!) Posted by Picasa

Rest Stop!

So, after zipping along the road for half an hour, we came to this highway rest-stop where we could have breakfast and give the drivers a chance to relax. The stop was filled with cool little shops selling gift snacks and tourist trinkets, I nearly bought a very cool Three Kingdoms chess set, but Connie said I could find it cheaper in Taipei, so I held off. It was also because I couldn’t choose between the Chinese Chess set and the western Chess set, the Chinese Chess one had nicer figures, but I don’t know how to play it! 🙁 Posted by Picasa

The Hakka Restaurant

The Hakka restaurant where we stopped for a late lunch on Saturday afternoon, a simple small place decorated on the inside with lots of old farming implements. Posted by Picasa

In the doghouse.

Around the corner from the bathroom I found this sad looking boy watching the people go by. Dogs are very common in Taiwan, but not really natural here with their thick fur. There are many stray dogs because they are often allowed to run loose and there is no harsh winter to keep the population under control. At least this one’s owners were good enough to chain him so he doesn’t wander off. Posted by Picasa

Singing in the rain.

A took this one while we were waiting to get into the local Hakka restaurant off to the right of the picture. Narissa (left) and Monica (right) show off their natural beauty for the camera. Posted by Picasa