Graduation Day!

Last Sunday was Connie’s graduation from University, and as a result all her immediate family gathered together early Sunday morning at a McDonalds near the graduation site for breakfast. (Hmm…maybe I should sell this story as a commercial to McDonalds…) After breakfast, we left for the site and met up with Connie’s friends, co-workers, and her graduating classmates. Pictured here is Connie with her classmate Josephine, the two of them had their fair share of troubles over the past two years, but they managed to see it through to the end! Posted by Picasa


One of Connie’s high-school classmates met us at McDonalds and gave her this lovely giant bouquet of flowers, which I ended up carrying around for the rest of the day. (It was worth it, though. ) Posted by Picasa

The Family

Here’s a good picture of Connie’s small family, including Monica (who is just Connie’s friend, not a family member), and myself. So from left to right it’s Monica, Connie, myself, AiYi and Connie’s brother Li-Wei. Posted by Picasa

Doctor Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

The ceremony itself was held in Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, one of Taipei’s two great halls. (The other being Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall.) It was standing room only (literally, as they didn’t give out ticks or reserve seats) as students, family and friends poured into the massive hall. We were early, so we luckily managed to get seats, although right at the very back and not together, and we were better off than most of the people who had to stand. The ceremony itself consisted of music, introductions, a very special guest speaker, a couple of the school’s bigwigs, and finally the class leaders went up on stage in groups to accept their awards on behalf of their groups. Since it was all in Chinese, I dozed through about half of it, but I do remember something about “honesty being the best policy” being repeated a bunch of times by the guest speaker. (Ironic if you know Taiwanese politics…) Posted by Picasa

Graduating Lass

I am very proud of Connie, more proud than I can express. She worked 8 hours each day for 2 years, then did 5 hours of school and then homework after that before going to bed. It’s been a hard life for her for the past two years, and I know she’s often wanted to quit, but she stuck with it and toughed it out. Now’s she’s finally done, and the letters B.A. can be added to her name. I wonder how long it will be before M.A. gets added, probably not long if she can help it, but I hope she takes a rest first. Posted by Picasa

Friends and Co-Workers

A group shot of the unsavory characters that Connie and I often hang out with. From left to right it’s Apollo, Monica, Me, Connie, David and Forever (the incredibly cool guy responsible for most of these pictures). A really wonderful group of people who Connie and I have had the blessing to call friends. Thanks guys! Posted by Picasa