A bad habit…

As I was walking home, I suddenly noticed that there was a Roach on the sidewalk walking along with a cigarette in it’s mouth. Originally it actually had it by the end, just like a smoker, but by the time I whipped out my camera it had it by the middle. Too bad, it looked funny seeing a roach smoke!

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Moon Festival Friday Continues..

Pi-Pi, Connie’s Uncle’s family dog. Cute, energetic and dumb as a post.

Connie’s mom looking majestic as usual. (And I’m not just saying this because I’m marrying her daughter next year!)

Yum! Chicken Feet! All yours, honey!

No, I don’t want any chicken feet, but thanks for asking!

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Moon Festival!

As last Friday night was the Chinese Moon Festival holiday, which is basically the equivalent of Canadian Thanksgiving. It’s a harvest festival, to celebrate the end of the year by family getting together. Normally they have a barbecue outdoors and look at the big full moon. Connie, her mother and I went to Connie’s Uncle’s home to visit…

From r>l is Sharon (Connie’s cousin), Connie’s Uncle, Aunt, Mother and of course the lady herself in the middle eating Pizza! Yes, we boldly started a new Moon Festival tradition of Pizza and Buffalo Wings!

A happy Connie full of Pizza.

Look at that big beautiful moon!

Hmm. Somehow it looks a lot larger to the eye, but the camera only gets this tiny dot! Still, a big beautiful full harvest moon!

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