You can’t keep your pet? Really?

Found on Craigslist. Excuse me while I go hug my dog… 🙁
You can’t keep your pet? Really?
~By a Shelter Director

Our society needs a huge “Wake-up” call.
As a shelter manager, I am going to share a little insight with you all… a “view from the inside” – if you will.

First off, any of you whom have surrendered a pet to a shelter or humane society should be made to work in the “back” of an animal shelter – for just ONE DAY.

Maybe if you saw the life drain from those sad,lost, confused eyes, you’d stop flagging the ads on here and help these animals find homes.

That puppy you just dropped off will most-likely end up in my shelter when it’s no longer a cute little puppy anymore.

Just so you know, there’s a 90% chance that your dog will never walk out back out, once entered in to the shelter system… Purebred or not!

About 25% of all of the dogs that are “owner surrenders” or “strays” that come into a shelter are purebred dogs.

The most common excuses: “We’re moving and can’t take our dog (or cat).”
Really? Where are you moving to that doesn’t allow pets?
Or they say “The dog got bigger than we thought it would”.
How big did you think a German Shepherd would get?
“We don’t have time for her”.
Really? I work a 10-12 hour day and still have time for my 6 dogs!
“She’s tearing up our yard”.
How about making her a part of your family?
“We just don’t want to have to stress about finding a place for her & we know she’ll get adopted, she’s a good dog”.

Odds are, your pet won’t get adopted & how stressful do you think it is for your pet?

Did you know…
Your pet has 72 hours to find a new family from the moment you drop it off?
Sometimes a little longer if the shelter isn’t full and your dog/cat manages to stay completely healthy.

If it sniffles, it is euthanized.

Your pet will be confined to a small run/kennel in a room with other barking & crying animals.
It will have to relieve itself where it eats and sleeps.
It will be depressed and will cry constantly for you.
If your pet is lucky, there will be enough volunteers in that day to take him/her for a walk.
If not, your pet won’t get any attention besides having a bowl of food slid under the kennel door and the waste sprayed out of it’s pen with a high-powered hose.
If your dog is big, black or any of the “Bully” breeds (pit bull, rottie, mastiff, etc) it was pretty much dead when you walked it through the front door.
If your cat is scared and doesn’t act friendly enough, or if it catches a cold (which most of them ‘do’), it will be put to sleep.
Those dogs & cats just don’t get adopted.
In most cases, it doesn’t matter how ‘sweet’ or ‘well behaved’ they are.
If your pet doesn’t get adopted within it’s 72 hours and the shelter is full, it will be destroyed.
If the shelter isn’t full and your pet is good enough, and of a desirable enough breed it may get a stay of execution, but not for long.

Most dogs get very kennel protective after about a week and are destroyed for showing aggression.
Even the sweetest dogs will turn in this environment.

If your pet makes it over all of those hurdles chances are it will get kennel cough or an upper respiratory infection and will be destroyed because the shelter gets paid a fee to euthanize each animal and making money is better than spending money to take this animal to the vet.

Here’s a little euthanasia 101 for those of you that have never witnessed a perfectly healthy, scared animal being “put-down”.

First, your pet will be taken from its kennel on a leash.
They always look like they think they are going for a walk… happy, wagging their tails…
until they get to “The Room”, every one of them freaks out and puts on the brakes when they get to the door.
It must smell like death or they can feel the sad souls that are left in there.
It’s strange, but it happens with every one of them.
Your dog or cat will be restrained, held down by 1 or 2 shelter workers, depending on the size and how freaked out they are.
Then a shelter worker who we call a “euthanasia tech (not a vet)” finds a vein in the front leg and injects a lethal dose of the “pink stuff”.

Hopefully your pet doesn’t panic from being restrained and jerks.
I’ve seen the needles tear out of a leg and been covered with the resulting blood… the yelps and screams are deafening.

They all don’t just “go to sleep”, sometimes they spasm for a while, gasp for air and defecate on themselves.

You see, shelters are trying to make money to pay employee pay checks and then, there’s the board of directors…who need to be paid too!

Consequently, corners are cut, & we don’t spend our funds to tranquilize the animal before injecting them with the lethal drug, we just put the burning lethal drug in their vein and let them suffer until dead.

If it were not a business for profit, we’d do it humanely and hire a licensed vet do this procedure. That way, the animal would be sedated or tranquilized and THEN euthanized.

But to do this procedure correctly would only cost more money… so we don’t necessarily do what is right for the animal, we do what’s expedient so we can continue to make a buck!

Shelters do not have to have a vet perform their euthanasia procedures.
Oftentimes, they are untrained personnel administering lethal injections.
So… that employee may take 50 pokes with a needle and 3 hours to get inside the vein.

In the end, your pet’s corpse will be stacked like firewood in a large freezer, usually in the back of the building with all of the other animals that were killed.
There they will sit until being picked up like garbage.

What happens next? Cremated?
Taken to the dump?
Rendered into pet food?
Or used for schools to dissect and experiment on?

You’ll never know and it probably won’t even cross your mind.

After all, it was just an animal and you can always buy another one, right?!

I hope that those of you who still have a beating heart and have read this are bawling your eyes out and can’t get the pictures out of your head.
I deal with this everyday.
I hate my job, I hate that it exists & I hate that it will always be there unless you people make changes and start educating yourselves, your children, the public.
Do the research, do your homework, and know exactly what you are getting into before getting a pet. These shelters and humane societies exist because people just do not care about animals anymore.
And PLEASE stop breeding!

Animals were not intended to be disposable but somehow that is what they’ve become.

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WuXia Fiction Anthology Looking for Submissions

Got this in my mail today from JohnD, one of my fellow writers of Asian set fiction-

I’m now accepting submissions for the Wuxia Fiction Anthology. Go to the main website to find out more: . This is just the beginning of what I anticipate to be a long process, but it’s good to have it beginning. You can help by spreading the word to others, both those who might be interested in submitting a story or artwork, and those who might be interested in reading the anthology (which is everyone).

Thanks for the support everyone!

I strongly advise anyone interested to check it out, John is a real scholar of WuXia fiction and works hard to promote it in English. This could go a long way towards that goal!


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The Right Timing

In an e-mail exchange today, my friend Don C. asked me a question, and I thought I’d share my answer.

But it does raise some questions. How much of what someone gets from something internal, and not attributable to the story at all? Does that mean audience reaction is ENTIRELY due to timing? Is it possible to circumvent that? It HAS to be…. since so many things continue on “off the grid.” (I think of Usagi Yojimbo, whihc has continued on apart from the ebb and floe of the comics industry for ALMOST 30 YEARS!)

Well, as someone who has had to work in a medium based almost entirely on what’s previously inside the heads of my audience, I have spent a lot of time thinking about that subject. I guess the answer is that no story is an island- it exists as part of its socio-cultural milieu and contains a huge number of cues within it from that environment. If the right set of cues is present for the right moment in that culture, something will resonate and become a hit (be it a viral video or a popular book) but knowing what will resonate is very difficult to the point of being instinctual or just plain lucky. (I vote for luck!)

It is possible to circumvent that by writing something based on such classical and universal themes that it will appeal to just a large enough audience to maintain itself. Usagi is a perfect example- Stan Sakai simply keeps on writing the stories he wants to tell, and he’s good at writing and drawing, so he transcends what would be called Popular Culture into….Classical Culture. (To make up a name.) He’s writing something that appeals to almost everyone, and would probably work in almost any cultural or language. Most of Osamu Tezuka’s stuff falls into this category, as does Archie. It’s universal while still be just distinct enough to not be bland or un-entertaining. Looks easy, hard to do I think. :-/