Five Big Trends that Will Rock the Future of Media by Smashwords

I don’t normally post powerpoints, but this is relevant.

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Webcomic- POWER NAP – the sleep of reason brings forth monsters

A friend pointed me towards POWER NAP – the sleep of reason brings forth monsters today, which is a nifty sci-fi webcomic with a nice premise- the lead character is a guy who needs to sleep. The trick is, he lives in a world where (almost) everyone can pop a pill once a day instead of sleeping and live 24-hour lives. He’s allgeric to the pills, so he’s a weird sort of handicapped person in a sleepless world. Oh, and he may or may not literally be going insane trying to keep up with the world around him.

It’s actually pretty funny and entertaining, and blends the odder elements well with the more serious ones. Makes me think of the comic Transmetropolitan in a way.

Check it out!


Qin’s Moon 秦时明月

I just stumbled across this series today on the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove site, and watched the first episodes. It’s a computer animated WuXia TV series from China set during the Qin Dynasty (210 BC) about a spunky orphan who has come under the protection/tutelage of the Emperor’s (former) greatest swordsman.

The animation in the first season is a weird combination between gorgeous and weak (it’s almost better to think of it as an animated comic book than an animated TV series) and the writing also seems to jump between almost profound and somewhat lowbrow. Whoever wrote this knew the limitations of the form they were planning it in, and they show some real skill in working around the limited animation at times. (Although it does look like the animation gets much better with each successive season.)

Overall in tone I’d compare it to The Clone Wars, although since it seems to have started around the same time I’d say that was a co-incidence instead of the Chinese animators following in CW’s footsteps.

The first three seasons are available on Youtube, or on the fansubber’s site for direct download. Either way, it’s probably worth a look if you’re a fan of fantasy or martial arts action. I will probably keep watching it for a bit just to see where it goes, but I’m still deciding if I like it or not.