Astoundingly cool (and incredibly huge!) picture of the Solar System!


An amazing picture of the Solar System.

This thing is about 10 screens wide, so if it just looks like a tiny line at the top of your screen then click on it after it finishes loading. (It’s about 18mb in size.)


The 1,000 Words Rule of Blogging (Book Excerpt) – Boing Boing


I’d say this is good advice for writers in general. I myself need to really work on this. :-/

 This word count is not impossible. It’s about two pages of standard paper a day. At first, do not surpass this word count. This is an endurance race, not a sprint. The recommended dosage of 1,000 words a day is doable by the average writer, is a concrete number for you to strive toward, and is about as much as your audience can read in a day. Do not do less, either. This is a regimen. You need to get used to producing this much content quickly and without complaint.

The 1,000 Words Rule of Blogging (Book Excerpt) – Boing Boing.

KFAT Updated!



The look of Kung Fu Action Theatre has just been updated! I’ve also combined the fiction section and D-ranger section back into the main site. I will re-integrate the other parts in the coming weeks as well. Check it out, but watch out for wet paint!