80’s NY Horror Host Morgus shows Godzilla

Ahh, I love old horror hosts. I grew up on Elvira, Superhost from Cleveland (WUAB!) and of course MST3K. This video from the Internet Archive (courtesy Bill Hollweg) is the New Orleans Horror host Doctor Morgus presenting Godzilla. So pop up the corn, grab some sodas and sit down to enjoy (complete with 80’s commercials!) Morgus and the King of the Monsters!

(Horror Host) Morgus – Godzilla : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive.

The Inuyama Rebellion- Part Twelve


The lord of the Kurokawa was starting to grow weary of debating with this tiresome samurai and considered whether the wait was really worth the trouble.

“Your lord’s rebellion will fail, Yamaguchi-san.” Kurokawa said plainly. “He was most foolish to tempt fate. Now he will lose both his land and his sons.”
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