What happens when you mix young teen sexuality with the Chthulu mythos?

The answer is DYE “Fantasy” a video by JEREMIE PERIN, a french animator. Gorgeously animated, and totally horrific.

Really, I mean it: NSFW horror- don’t watch if movies like The Thing give you nightmares.

For god’s sake people, stop clicking on mystery links in emails from friends.


In the last week, it seems many people I know have made the mistake of clicking on a link in an email from a friend. The letters tend to read like this:

Subject: Darling/Facebook/I Miss you/RE: (etc)

Hey! Check out my new Facebook page! (Shortened link here)

These are virus traps that grab your contact list and then email themselves to everyone on your list, hoping to trick them too because it comes from a trusted source.

The simple rule of email is- if something seems odd, don’t click it! No matter who it’s from!

Following this rule will help you prevent the spread to other people’s systems.

Thank you, and have a nice day!


Canadian Tories admit that Canadians don’t want DRM rules, push for them anyway – Boing Boing

I’m hoping this one will get struck down ASAP by the Supreme Court once it hits, since there doesn’t seem to be any way to stop it. Sigh. This is a government that knows its own people hate something with a passion but is going to shove it down their throats anyways in the name of American corporate interest groups. All of you who voted for the Conservatives, remember this- you chose these guys.

Canada’s Parliament is debating bill C-11, the latest incarnation of a “modernisation” copyright bill, which contains a very controversial US-style “digital locks” (DRM) rule. Under C-11’s digital locks rules, it would be illegal to remove any sort of anti-copying technology, even if you’re doing so for a lawful purpose. For example, if a store sold you one of my books with DRM on it, I, as the rightsholder, couldn’t authorise you to remove the digital locks (it would even be illegal for me, the creator of the book, to remove the digital lock!).

via Canadian Tories admit that Canadians don’t want DRM rules, push for them anyway – Boing Boing.