Creative Experiments- KFAT Historical Flash Fiction

Hi All,

Last week over on the KFAT site, my first weekly webfiction story The Inuyama Rebellion posted its final chapter. It’s been a fun run, and I have to say I’ve enjoyed the experiment of writing a weekly piece of fiction in addition to my other writing projects. Of course, I also got a huge kick out of it, since my friend Brushmen was doing great fan art to go with each weekly chapter. (If you haven’t checked them out, then definitely do so.)

Having enjoyed the process, I’ve decided to continue my little experiment, but to get even more…experimental.

For the next nine Mondays (the first one went up already) I will be posting a single flash fiction (1000 words or less) story each week on the KFAT site. These are a little series I call “The Fox Cycle”, and are me doing a little challenge with myself. Each story will be different, and self-contained, but each story will also connect up with all the others to tell a larger story. All of them are historical fiction, take place around the year 1700, and are what you could call an exercise in both character and world building.

What characters and world? Ah, Mes Amis! That would be telling!

I’ve rarely written flash fiction before, so this will be a real challenge in keep my writing tight and using different styles and techniques to bring across a story in the best possible ways. There’s also an additional level to the experiment, but I’ll explain that once the whole story cycle is finished.


Dean Wesley Smith » The Secret of Indie Publishing

A must read for anyone who wants to be an independent/self publisher getting into the eBook market. (Especially those who want to make money at it!)

I have heard over and over and over from indie publishers how their sales are not what they expected, or how they hope to promote their way to a big seller on their one book. Up to now I have mostly just bit my lip and kept my mouth shut

.It just doesn’t work with one or two or even five stories up. Or at least it doesn’t work that way unless you are fantastically lucky and wrote a great book on the exact right topic at the exact right time. I hate planning on being lucky to make it. I want to plan on hard work and quality writing.

But at the same time, do I expect every indie publisher to even think about doing what I suggested in #9 and sell books to indie bookstores? Of course not. That’s far more work and business knowledge for most indie publishers to handle.

So how can an indie publisher plan on making a living, paying the bills, without “luck” coming into play and without sending out thousands of flyers as I suggested last chapter?

Simple, actually. You have to write more.

via Dean Wesley Smith » Think Like A Publisher #9.5… The Secret of Indie Publishing.

Good Show Sir – Only the worst Sci-fi/Fantasy book covers

What you don’t want your book cover to look like!

A couple “winners”…

What scares me is that this new age of ebook covers will probably produce much worse!

If you want to see more, check out this guy’s collection here:

Good Show Sir – Only the worst Sci-fi/Fantasy book covers.

Among the Rivers and Lakes Wuxia Community

A new WuXia fan community forum has appeared!

Among the Rivers and Lakes Wuxia Community.

John D., the prolific translator and scholar of all things WuXia has started a new forum for people with a fascination for Chinese adventure fiction. Go check it out!

If you want a crash-course into WuXia fiction, and are pressed for time, check out the (very) short stories he’s translated. None will probably take you longer than 10 minutes to read, but all are bursting with style.

With luck, it will develop into a vibrant community of people who have fallen in love with this poetic and dynamic genre. (It’s only one of the most popular genres of literature in the world!)


America’s Science Decline – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson shows North America’s (sadly, Canada as well) place on the world stage in terms of the development of new science and technology as we fade into irrelevance. Watch it and weep!

Traditional Publishers are in Trouble

From J.A. Konrath’s Blog:

(Note- Legacy means “traditional publishers” aka Established Publishing Companies.)

Right now I’m looking at the Top 10 Kindle bestsellers in occult fiction.

Every one of them is self-pubbed. In fact, there are only three legacy authors in the Top 30. I count only ten legacy pubbed in the Top 100, and most are brand names.

That’s… staggering.

It also doesn’t bode well for legacy publishers.

Long ago, I said ebooks aren’t a competition. But that only applies when they are affordable. Once an ebook costs over five bucks, readers become choosy. The above list is proof. There are ten ebooks on that list priced more than $4.99.

Bet you can guess which ones. Hint: none of the self-pubbed.

A good read, worth checking out-
via A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: Self-Pubbed Author Beware.

Fonts for Book Covers

I’ve been studying up on Book Design recently in anticipation of prepping my upcoming novels, and while Ive still got a lot to learn, one of the things I’ve slowly been catching onto is the importance of choosing the right fonts for your book- and especially for your cover! The right use of fonts can often be the difference between an amateur looking cover that people pass over, and an eye-catching cover that instills confidence that this is a story worth reading.

On the cover Font issue, I found this blog post quite helpful-

5 Great Fonts for Book Covers — The Book Designer.

The Friesen Press Book Marketing podcast also did a recent show on Book Design that I found interesting. It’s a bit scattered, but there’s a lot of gems in there that make it worth a listen.


CTV News | Nice guys make less than ‘highly disagreeable’ men

Men who score on personality tests as highly disagreeable tend to earn more than 18 per cent more – an average of $9,700 more a year – than men who were scored as most agreeable. Agreeableness made less of a difference in women, but it still meant an average 5-per-cent salary gap for nice gals.


Wow, not only do the jerks get more girls when they’re young, they actually make more than the nice guys later in life too. Being nice is seriously not an advantage in human society for males.

via CTV News | Nice guys make less than ‘highly disagreeable’ men.

Quote of the Day from Machiavelli


“All courses of action are risky, so prudence is not in avoiding danger (it’s impossible), but calculating risk and acting decisively. Make mistakes of ambition and not mistakes of sloth. Develop the strength to do bold things, not the strength to suffer.” — Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince