The Art of Sam Yang

Holy Crap is this guy good! His “realistic” Pokemon sculpts are amazing.


Check Out Sam’s Impressive Gallery Here.

The New World of Publishing: How to Keep Your Writing Going for All of 2014

Dean Wesley Smith has written a great article about keeping your writing going that everyone who wants to be a writer should take the time out and read today. Like most things, succeeding at writing is about planning, hard work and perseverance, and the start of a new year is the start of a new chance at making it work!

Some basics to start:

Any business and production plan you decide to set up for yourself is made up of goals that can be attained with work.

The focus of the goals you set is to attain a dream.

A dream is what you work toward with a series of goals.

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Fun with Opiliones!

Opiliones (which we call Daddy Long Legs in my neck of the woods) are a species that most people mistake for spiders, but which are actually their own whole classification of insects. They are a fascinating (if creepy looking) genus that have a number of odd habits, including doing this…

Mathew Cobb has more videos and a great writeup on what makes Opiliones different from spiders on which you can find here. In the links below that article, I also found a great Flickr page with images of Harvestmen from around the world, some of which are really really freaky looking. (There are like 10,000 different species!) My personal favorite is probably the “Jason Mask” Harvestman, which looks like it walked off the set of “Jason vs. The Thing” and would be terrifying if it wasn’t so tiny.


P.S. If you need something to keep you awake at night, watch this. 😉