Urban Exploring in Taiwan- The Renoir Resort Club

Taiwan seems to be a real hotbed of abandoned places. I think it’s because they had a huge financial boom at one time, so people went crazy building thing, and then later just abandoned them when they didn’t work out. I love reading about these reports, so I’ll share what I come across from time to time.

Renoir resort club 雷諾瓦俱樂部 is a surprising find in Guanziling 關子嶺, the most famous and well-developed hot springs town in Tainan 台南. I went to stay there one night in the spring of 2014 to have a look—but I didn’t expect to find an abandoned club next door to where I was staying. I should have known—this is Taiwan 台灣, an urban exploration utopia. There are abandoned buildings absolutely everywhere. Sometimes you will get lucky and discover someplace cool without even trying.



Read the full report and see the pictures here. He even found creatures lurking in there!


Today I learned the writer for the new Godzilla movie was also the writer for The Expendables and DOOM.

David Callaham. Now the movie’s lack of human characters makes a whole lot more sense.

They must have given him the job because he had experience with lumbering dinosaurs!