A Note about Matt Smith’s first episode of Doctor Who

I just wanted to watch a few minutes of it to test video quality, and was dead tired. Two minutes in I was wide awake and full of energy, and it just carried me along for the whole ride. I was a kid again, right until the end, caught up in a pure voyage of wonder. Not perfect, but damn….just…damn….Stephen Moffat you rock.

5 thoughts on “A Note about Matt Smith’s first episode of Doctor Who

  1. Contrary to popular opinion, I’m not holding out because I miss Tenant. I thought Tenant was awesome, but for my money, I preferred Eccleston and would have loved to have seen him do another season or two. Barring that I did, what I always have, moved on to the next doctor.
    This time it’s different.
    This time the casting is so obviously trying to grab the “Twilight” crowd, I stood up and said “Enough!”
    The Doctor is not a fourteen year old boy who is half vampire looking.
    Hopefully eleven will be a short stay. Nothing against the actor except the coming soons just cemented it for me.
    CASTING COUNTS Mr. Moffat! *L*

  2. Sorry Jack, this is one of those times we’re going to vehemently disagree. For whatever reason Matt Smith was chosen, after watching two episodes with him I’m 100% behind Moffat’s casting choice. Smith has amazing presence and so far seems perfect for the role- in fact I think you’re really judging a book by its cover on this one.

    I did see one comment on a message board discussing the episodes that struck me, though- apparently Moffat himself referred to his conception of Doctor Who being a “fairy tale”, and a poster commented that the new Doctor Who was in fact Peter Pan. With all the Peter Pan imagery in the second episode, I’m totally onside with that. I think paint it as Twilight influenced might not be completely wrong (except there’s no Doc/Companion romance now), but I’m thinking Peter Pan was the stronger of the influences this time around.

  3. Well, I will eventually have to give in and see it since I have a Doctor Who story in my head and Moffat does write decent Who.
    That being said, I’m sure there were people who liked George Lazenby too 😉

  4. Ouch! Touché mon Frère!

    Well, I’d hope you don’t find him as wooden as Lazenby was. I think he’ll grow on you, though.

  5. I watched the first episode, most of it anyways. The writing had some very good moments, and then I walked away as soon as they started showing how amazing the doctor was. The mystery was over too soon.

    As for being like Twilight, well, Doctor Who did it for decades before, just with older actors. Yes, Doctor Who and Twilight have the same relationship and character concept formulas. If you can’t stand it now, how did you watch it back then?

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