Write! Shonen Manga: Your complete handbook to the Japanese arts of comic storytelling!

Write! Shonen Manga: Your complete handbook to the Japanese arts of comic storytelling!
About the Book

Are you a comic artist who wants to write, but doesn’t know how?

Are you a writer who wants to write stories like the ones in your favorite manga?

Are you an experienced storyteller looking to up your game by trying something new?

Write! Shonen Manga is the guide you need to understanding how the Japanese bring their stories to life and created a global manga revolution. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or a master of words, this book will help you understand and break down why your favorite manga work the way they do, and how you can do the same. Utilizing the IDEA story system, this book will help you easily put together stories in ways you didn’t know were possible, bring your characters and settings to life, and write the stories that will touch your audience.

Naruto has sold over 220 million copies in 35 countries worldwide. Dragonball is a $5 Billion-dollar global franchise. One Piece has sold more than 430 million copies globally, and is the best-selling manga in history. And, this book takes apart the story formulas that their creators used to build their manga and anime empires so you can make your stories even better and reach your own global audience.

Along the way, you’ll also learn why the Japanese approach to storytelling is so different from the American one, and how this difference in perspective makes the stories what they are. Also, you’ll learn to how take control of your story’s central themes, characters, plot and setting, and how to combine them to create fresh takes on old stories- and make new stories that are as unique as you are.

So, what are you waiting for? Hoist your flag and set sail on your own manga creator voyage with Write! Shonen Manga as your guide. You never know where your imagination and skills will carry you, and what friends and adventures await!
You only need to take that first step into a new world.

Let’s do it together!

Series: Write!, Book 1
Genres: Writing, Writing How-To
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eBook Price: $7.29
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