CG Art- The Fox Cycle

My journey with DAZ Studio Continues. I spent the week working on images to go along with my currently running Flash Fiction series- The Fox Cycle over on my KFAT page. The stories themselves cover a large span of time, but focus on the former King’s Musketeer Gerard la Russo and his Indian adopted daughter Renard. Using my meagre talent with DAZ Studio, I decided to render a few images to go along with some of the stories.

Gerard la Russo at Callais in 1698.

Renard la Russo and Claudette Dupris 1710

Ren and Gerard 1717


And a bonus picture, since I had some people suggest Tysen didn’t look brooding enough in the one posted last week.

Troubled Tysen

2 thoughts on “CG Art- The Fox Cycle

    • Well, that’s the theory. Reality is that I’m still quite limited in terms of clothing and sets since I can’t build my own except for simple landscapes. I’ll also need to learn to properly use Photoshop at some point. So long-story-short is that I can put together characters, covers and simple images as long as the leads are human-looking.

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