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One of the issues with running a general blog like this is that is has no real focus. It serves as a catch-all for whatever I feel like writing about or talking about, but it has no real direction to it. That’s one of the things that’s made it hard to write for on a regular basis- when you can write about anything, you tend to write about nothing.

However, something I’ve always been fascinated by is the power of Augmented Reality, and with the recent release of Microsoft’s new Hololens system, I’ve come to believe that we’re on the cusp of seeing this technology literally transform our lives and the world around us. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch this:

As a result, I’ve decided to start a new blog centered around Augmented Reality and how it’s both developing and transforming people’s lives. If you ask any of my media studies students, AR is something I won’t shut up about, and have been talking about for years, so I thought “why should just my students suffer?”

Everyday Augmented Reality will basically be me collecting news about Augmented Reality and things related to it and occasionally commenting and sharing my own thoughts and ideas on this next stage of media evolution. Everything the Smartphone did to society will be nothing compared to what AR will do, and Everyday AR will be where I watch it all happen.

Come join me and watch the show. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, and we’ll definitely wonder why!


P.S. This blog isn’t going anywhere, and will still be updated from time to time. I need to talk about non-AR things sometimes too!

5 thoughts on “Everyday Augmented Reality

  1. I’m sure you’ve heard the boys on Mysterious Universe talk about the holo-lens. It blunted my enthusiasm, because they are right. In the end, its pretty flashy but not going to be effective until we’re at a point of wearing regular glasses or even contact lens. The inability to have something tangible to feel also is a problem, but this story has been really good to give me another Wavefront story.

    • They’re right, but the “daily wear” version is coming much faster than you might suspect, and the home/office dorky looking version will still be pretty popular if it lives up to the hype. Having a pair of googles on just makes you feel MORE like Tony Stark!

  2. Y’know…. I think the REAL problem is that “augmented reality” is gonna mostly feature popup ads in real life.

    Don C.

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