Huston, we have a problem…

The worst case scenario in the Gulf Oil Crisis may in fact be the reality:

So what happens if this is true, and there’s no way to stop the leak? The Gulf will literally be a sea of oil unless they they find some way to direct the flow of oil, but if there’s multiple blowouts we’re just screwed.

Welcome to Cyberpunk, people!

3 thoughts on “Huston, we have a problem…

  1. Every time you use the phrase, “welcome to cyberpunk” I do a facepalm.

    • Well, in my case I use it to represent the dark future that the cyberpunk movement was supposed to be warning us about- you know, the one we’re kinda in the middle of becoming right now.

      In this case, I’m specifically remembering the game ( edition) had a quote about the seas being filled with toxic waste and oil.

  2. If you want to bring up cyberpunk, make sure what you’re talking about has two things, cyber and punk. That is, make sure it has people reorganizing themselves using technology. That was what cyberpunk was about, not dystopia. Your blog and podcasts are more cyberpunk than the BP oil spill. Welcome to cyberpunk.

    No, this is just a man-made disaster reinforced by bureacracy, lobbying and accounting, all of which are very non-cyberpunk.

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