John Williams- Musical Plagerist?

So there I am in church for the Mother’s Day service, and we start singing a beautiful hymn called “I, the Lord of Sea and Sky” (aka “Here I am Lord”)….

And a few bars in, I’m thinking…”wait, I know this song…” and by the end of the hymn I remembered where I’d heard it before….

Now, I know that all musicians borrow from the past, but still, it’s barely modified at all! You can practically sing the lyrics to the hymn along with it! I did! Try it!


1 thought on “John Williams- Musical Plagerist?

  1. Good catch. There were talks of Williams plagiarizing twenty years ago (at least that’s when it hit my consciousness). There were other examples in some of his more famous themes.
    I would argue, that music has come to a place where its next to impossible to have an entirely new tune unless you just hammer random notes on the piano.
    Oh wait, that’s jazz. Never mind. 🙂

    Remember the popular song played by Whitney Houston that plagiarized the chorus of “If you Could Read My Mind” by Gordon Lightfoot. I’d have to say that it must have been subconscious, because no one would be that stupid. Lightfoot’s song was a hit in its day.
    Maybe there’s some golden chords that hit the Jungian collective subconscious.

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