Twin Stars Book One, Episode Five (105)- Society

Ping-An travels to the Imperial Capital World of New Wellington in search of resources, but finds herself drawn into the games of the mysterious Lady Whitcombe.

Also Starring:

Melissa D. Johnson as Zhang Ping-An

River Kanoff as Solantro
Gareth Bowley as Foster
Fiona Thraille as Lady Whitcombe
April Sadowski as Grace
Kimlinh P. Tran as Bartender/Announcer


River Kanoff  and Abner Senires as the Rich Guys

Special Appearance by:
David Ault as Sir Fawn

Opening Music:

Closing Music:
_-={Victorious Day}=-_ (ID: 81243)This track can be found at (⊂=81243)

Other Music: Audio Portal:

and the Apple iLife Jingles Collection

Sound Effects:
Freesound Project:
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This show and all characters within are copyright 2008 Robyn Paterson, all rights reserved.

This adventure and more can be found at kungfuactiontheatre- Audio! Action! Adventure!

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