Little Gou and the Kind Word


Little Gou and Sister Cat race to find the young pickpocket Mischevious Kang before the spies who hired him to pick the pocket of an Imperial Courier do!


Robyn Paterson as Little Gou
Fiona Thraille as Sister Cat
Alexa Chipman as Madam Lee
Gareth Bowley as Tailor Hahn
Jack Hosley as Fishmonger Bo
Al Aseoche as Young Fung
Richard Moule as Fisherman Ho
River Kanoff as Farmer Lin
Dylan Spencer as Thug 1
Jack Ward as Thug 2

Written and Produced by Robyn Paterson

Intro Music: Sacred China by DJ Svenzo-  find him on the Audio Portal

End Music: Stories of the Silk Road by Test Subject A- find him on the Audio Portal

Art by Brushmen

Music Provided by

Sound Effects:

19291- Martian Folley- Cloth
44262- Edie Male Fight 02

Purchased from
Bill Hollweg and the Members of Kung Fu Action Theatre

This recording is licensed under a creative commons non-commercial share-alike license. So pass it around, please!

This story and all its characters within are copyright 2010 Robyn Paterson, all rights reserved.

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