Little Gou and the Standing Engagement (Remastered Edition)

Little Gou and Sister Cat are forced into service when a bride’s father is kidnapped by her ex-lover the night before a crucial marriage meeting.

Written and Produced by: Robyn Paterson


Robyn Paterson as Little Gou
Fiona Thraille [fthrll] as Sister Cat
Rosegirl18 as Little Rose
Ty Konzak [Aramek] as Old Man Wen
River Kanoff as Tiger Fang


Perfect as Dragon Eye
Drifer XGS as the Thug
Amanda Price [Pyrrhical] as Inn Girl 1 and the Servant Girl


Alanna [Scarlotte] as Inn Girl 2

Intro Music: Sacred China by DJ Svenzo

End Music: Stories of the Silk Road by Test Subject A

Scene 6 Music: Chinese Sweets by DJ Svenzo

Sound Effects found on:
The Apple iLife Sound Effects Collection

19291_Cloth Rustle

Casting done on

This work and all of it’s characters are copyright Robyn Paterson and Kung Fu Action Theatre. All Rights reserved.

This step into adventure and others can be found at, where theatre is spelled with “re” at the end, because that’s how it’s done with style!

Until next time! Zaijian! Bye-Bye!

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