Twin Stars Book One, Episode Two (102)- War Crimes


Following the events of the Miraposa Three incident, Lt. Albert Tysen returns to his homeworld to stand trial for piracy. There he finds his family waiting for him, but not everything is as he remembers, and family duties collide with political realities.


Greg Nugent as Lt. Albert Tysen

Tegan Harris as Squire Esther

Tara Veloso as Harriet

Fiona Thraille as Mrs. Tysen

Eleiece Krawiec as Lieutenant Clews

Wesley Clifford as Prosecutor Thomas

Paul Mannering as Judge Stark

With Special Guest Appearances by

David Ault as Sir Fawn


Kimlinh P. Tran as the Secretary

Opening Music:



Closing Music:

_-={Victorious Day}=-_ (ID: 81243)This track can be found at (⊂=81243)

Other Music: Audio Portal:

Prelude no.1Andante appassiona (ID: 35920)⊂=35920

Tears of Divinity (ID: 41324)⊂=41324

Winter in Montreal (ID: 57531)⊂=57531

Memories of Far East (ID: 60900)⊂=60900

and the Apple iLife Jingles Collection

Sound Effects:

Freesound Project:







Apple iLife Sound Effects Collection

This show and all characters within are copyright 2008 Robyn Paterson, all rights reserved.

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4 thoughts on “Twin Stars Book One, Episode Two (102)- War Crimes

  1. Avlor

    Excellent! I knew it would work out – but couldn’t quite figure it out. Can’t wait until I can start the next episode tomorrow. (What will I do when that is over? ARGH!)

  2. Rob

    Well, you’ll just have to wait like everyone else for the release of Episode 4 next Tuesday. ^__^

    Glad you enjoyed it so much!


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