Twin Stars Book One, Episode Six (106)- Reversal of Fortune

En-Route to a secret summit meeting, the Crystal Leaf falls under attack by the mysterious Colonel Cole. With enemies pouring in from all sides, can Tysen find a way out before it’s too late?

Greg Nugent as Lt. Albert Tysen
Tegan Harris as Squire Esther
Ty Konzak as Kip
Fiona Thraille as Lady Whitcombe
Abner Senires as Colonel Cole
Aru Asoche as Lady Ashe
Cathy Rinella as Ensign Helgi
Quinten Boyd as Keith Ulstead
Kimlinh P.Tran as the Computer

Opening Music:

Closing Music:
_-={Victorious Day}=-_ (ID: 81243)This track can be found at (

Other Music:

Kevin MacLeod: (
This track can be found at:

Midnight Strike (ID: 103155)
This track can be found at:

Creepy Intro Music (ID: 30374)
This track can be found at

Other music from the Apple iLife Jingles Collection


Freesound Project
Apple iLife Sound Effects Collection
Purchased from

This show and all characters within are copyright 2008 Robyn Paterson, all rights reserved.

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