Twin Stars, Book One, Episode Eight (108)- Hammer and Anvil

With a hostile fleet closing in, Tysen and crew arrive in their stolen ship to deliver Lady Whitcombe to the peace conference, but Ping-An has also come and lurks ready to take her prize.

Also Starring:
Tegan Harris as Squire Esther
Ty Konzak as Kip
Quinten Boyd as Keith Ulstead
Cathy Rinella as Ensign Helgi
David Ault as Sir Fawn
Russ Gold as Admiral Veers
Abner Senries as Colonel Cole
Ally Aseoche as Lady Ashe
Ty Konzak as Commodore Stark
Fiona Thraille as Lady Whitecombe
Chris Gumprich as Leederman
Niko Ford as Betsey
Ty Konzak as Volkstag
Richard Bartok as Michaels
Amanda Price as Bella

Opening Music:

Closing Music:
_-={Victorious Day}=-_ (ID: 81243)This track can be found at (⊂=81243)

Other Music:

Kevin MacLeod (
-Dragon and Toast
-Western Streets
-News of Sorrow
-Stoneworld Battle
-The Rule
-We’ve Got Trouble
-Road to Hell
-Epic Unease
-Long Note 2

Denny Schneidemesser: (

Peter Chen
-peterchen+roadtoglory Audio Portal:
-Rise Your Sword (ID: 72671) This track can be found at⊂=72671
-Trainstation dukeout- (ID: 101152) This track can be found at:

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Sound Effects:
Freesound Project:

Apple iLife Sound Effects Collection
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This show and all characters within are copyright 2008 Robyn Paterson, all rights reserved.

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