Twin Stars, Book 2, Episode 11 (211)- Showdown (Part3) (Book Two Finale)

Twin Stars: Book 2, Episode 11 – Showdown (Part 3) (Book Two Finale)

Written and Produced by Robyn Paterson

Death, tragedy and betrayal lay waiting as Ping An and Commodore Vasquez duel in the skies over Hannah’s World.

Ping-An- Melissa D. Johnson
Betsey- Niko Ford
Tomlin- Nick Patrella
Cmdr. Vasquez- Justin Charles
Lt. Harrison- Andy Welch
Squire Yuki- Tisch “TC” Parmelee
Ketch- Steve Riekeberg
Ruth- Tomoyo Ichijouji
Hassan- Daniel Whitelaw
Davis- Althea Aseoche
Jerry- Andrew Buckley
Dan- Mackenzie Haa
Captain Argus- Gareth Bowley
Captain Halifax- Calm Proto

Opening Music: Beyond Infinity by Peter Chen

Closing Music: Victorious Day by Maestro Rage

Additional Music:

• Breaking the Seige (Celestial Aeon Project)
• Red Fields (Celestial Aeon Project)
• Grave Blow (Kevin McCleod)
• Caverns (Celestial Aeon Project)
• Lone Harvest (Kevin McCleod)
• Thrall’s Theme (Celestial Aeon Project)
• Song of Mourning (Celestial Aeon Project)
• Hold the Line (Celestial Aeon Project)
• Grave Matters (Kevin McCleod)
• Quiet Panic (Kevin McCleod)
• Longing and Concern (Kevin McCleod)
• Undeniable Tragedy (Newgrounds-101084)

sound effects:

freesound project

Sound Ideas Series 6000 Sound Effects library

Premium SFX series
special thanks to Bill Hollweg

others recorded by members of Kung Fu Action Theatre

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This recording is licensed under a creative commons non-commercial share-alike license. So pass it around, please!

This story and all its characters within are copyright 2010 Robyn Paterson, all rights reserved.

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This episode is dedicated to Althea Aseoche, Jeremy Yenser and James Mathews who have helped keep the fight going with their kind donations to help cover KFAT web costs.

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