Twin Stars- from here on out…

As you probably noticed, Twin Stars isn’t finished.

Book Two ends at what could be called the end of the beginning- the major characters have stepped into the limelight, and the next stage in their journeys are about to begin.

So where is the rest of the story?

Well, time and realities of production forced me to stop producing the audio drama at this point, but the story is far from over. As you read this, I am working away on a novelization of Twin Stars which I will start releasing in Winter 2012 (assuming those pesky Mayans were wrong, of course) and will continue to release until the story of Ping An, Tysen, Esther, and all the rest is finished. The books will be published independently in eBook format and available from Amazon and other eBook publishers when they’re ready.

So look for more Twin Stars in 2012!

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