D-Ranger Episode 1- The Package

Written and Produced by Robyn Paterson


Richard Bartok as Brad Ryans
Elgie as Pixelle
Alanna as the girl in the Museum
Edwyn Tiong, Amanda Price and Robyn Paterson as the Blood Rein Troopers


Ty Konzak as Malarek

Opening Narration by Fiona Thraille

Opening Music: Epic Trials and Tribulations 4 by Paradox Phenomena
Find their work at the Newgrounds.com Audio Portal,

Closing Music: Puddle of Life by Peter Chen

Other music by
Stephano Maccarrelli, find their work on Soundclick.com

All music used under the creative commons license.
Sound Effects Provided by:
The Apple iLife Sound Effects Collection
Purchased from Soundlibrary.com

Casting done at voiceactingalliance.com

This work and all characters and premises within are copyright 2007 Robyn Paterson, all rights reserved.

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