Episode Two- La Belle Dame sans Merci

Episode 2 – La Belle Dame sans Merci

Brad Ryans and Pixelle travel to Eastern Europe and

find a small seaside down haunted by a mysterious witch.
A Kung Fu Action Theatre Production

In association with

1st Draft Productions

Written and Produced by Robyn Paterson

Mixed by Justin Charles


Richard Bartok: Brad Ryans
Elgie: Pixelle
Althea Aseoche: Lisabelle/Sala
Melissa D. Johnson: Helene
Dani Kogan: Jack / Old Woman
Russ Gold: Officer Pala / Trooper
Lee Labit: Trooper 2

Opening Narration by Fiona Thraille

Opening Music: Epic Trials and Tribulations 4 by Paradox Phenomena
Find their work at the Newgrounds.com Audio Portal,

Closing Music: Puddle of Life by Peter Chen

Other music by
Finding A Fairy – MilkManDan
Sunshine – Kevin MacLeod
Touching Moments Five – Circle – Kevin Macleod
An Upsetting Theme – Kevin Macleod
Ritual – Kevin Macleod
Promising Relationship – Kevin Macleod
Duel of Valor – TheAmateurAnimator
Entering the Stronghold – Danman87
Artifact – Kevin Macleod
Awkward Meeting – Kevin Macleod

All music used under the creative commons license.
Sound Effects Provided by:
The Apple iLife Sound Effects Collection
Purchased from Soundlibrary.com

Casting done at voiceactingalliance.com

This work and all characters and premises within are copyright 2007 Robyn Paterson, all rights reserved.

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