D-Ranger Episode Three- The Lost Broadcast! Battle on Tokyo Tower!

Episode 3- The Lost Broadcast! Battle on Tokyo Tower!

Brad and Pixelle travel to Tokyo to visit Brad’s old friend

Matt, and find themselves caught in the schemes of the

the mad musician Ulysses Jinn!

A Kung Fu Action Theatre Production

In association with

1st Draft Productions

Written and Produced by Robyn Paterson

Mixed by Justin Charles


Richard Bartok: Brad Ryans
Elgie: Pixelle
Ty Konzak: Ullysses Jinn
Justin Charles: Mister Left
Gareth Bowley: Mister Right
Chris Gumprich: Matt
Mirielle: Midori
Melissa D. Johnson: Oyama-san
Russ Gold: Mr. Kenbitsu
Dani Kogan: Technician
Dani Kogan: Greeter Girl 1

Opening Narration by Fiona Thraille

Opening Music: Epic Trials and Tribulations 4 by Paradox Phenomena
Find their work at the Newgrounds.com Audio Portal,

Closing Music: Puddle of Life by Peter Chen

Other music by
Scene 1: Accralate – Kevin Mcleod
Scene 4: Deliberate Thought – Kevin Mcleod
Scene 5: Flutey Funk and Quinn’s Song: First Night – Kevin Mcleod
Scene 6: Eterea – Canon (Japanese Koto)
Scene 7: Long Note Three – Kevin Mcleod
Scene 10: ‘Club Muzak’ and ‘Meteor Shower’ by Owl City
Scene 11: Darkening Developments – Kevin Mcleod
Scene 12: ‘Ignosi’ and ‘Passing Action’ – Kevin Mcleod
Scene 14: Turn of Tides – Nemesis Theory
Scene 15: Track 18 (PAC Dv Free Music)
All music used under the creative commons license.

Sound Effects Provided by:
The Apple iLife Sound Effects Collection
Purchased from Soundlibrary.com

Casting done at voiceactingalliance.com

All characters and premises within are copyright 2009 Robyn Paterson, all rights reserved.

This recording is Creative Commons and can be freely passed around.

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2 thoughts on “D-Ranger Episode Three- The Lost Broadcast! Battle on Tokyo Tower!

  1. rosario

    that was the last ep? what! Okay that was good listening. I love Brad >_< and your story was great. I wish there was more. Thank you for making this thing.

  2. UltraRob Post author


    You are most welcome, and I’m glad you enjoyed D-Ranger. 🙂

    I’m sorry, but #3 is the last episode. Due to life complications, I stopped doing Audio Drama not long after #3 aired. Not being able to finish D-Ranger is one of my regrets, and maybe someday I will try to fix that, but for now it’s not on my schedule.

    Thank you very much for commenting!

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