What is Kung Fu Action Theatre?

Kung Fu Action Theatre (also called KFAT, pronounced “”Kay-Fat”) is an audio drama podcast that releases new shows on the first of every month.

Audio Drama?

Audio Drama (also called Podplays, Audio Cinema, Pulp Audio and more) is the modern internet term for what are called Radioplays if they air on the radio. Since this isn’t radio, we’re still working on a new title for it, but Audio Drama is one of the most popular, so it’s the one I use.

How do I Contact You?

kfactiontheatre@yahoo.ca is our e-mail address

How do You Make These Things?

KFAT uses the Satellite method of audio drama production, which means a script is sent out, actors record lines on their own (never seeing or hearing each other), and then those lines are mixed together with music and sound effects to produce a show.

Does that Mean I Could be in a KFAT Show?

Yes it does! We’re always looking for new talent. Watch the KFAT main page for audition notices, or keep an eye open on either the Voice Acting Alliance or Audio Drama Talk message boards, since we post casting calls on both. However, since this is a monthly show, we only look for talent about once every two months, so you might need to be patient.

What is your Policy on Fanworks? (Fanfiction, FanArt, etc)

Fanart is great, we love it. Please send lots. As for Fanfiction- please don’t do it. KFAT shows are all original, and written by me (Rob), which means I hold the copyright to them (the episodes are Creative Commons, the content is not), and reserve the right to use them the way I want. However, if you were to write a Fanfic that happened to do something I’d already planned but not released, then I’d be forced to change my story because of it. Why? Because if I continued on you would have the right to say I stole your work (whether it’s true or not), and while nobody is making money right now, it could cause rights problems in the future.

For other kinds of Fanworks (music, video, etc) please contact me and we’ll discuss it.

What if I Want to Write an Episode of one of your Shows?

That said, if you have a story pitch for an episode of D-Ranger, Team Iron Angel or Little Gou (but not Twin Stars!), I’m open to it. I’ve already produced 1 script written by someone else, and I have no problem doing more if the scripts are good. If you want to do this, then send a short e-mail introducing yourself and explaining your idea in one paragraph or less, but don’t send a script. I’ll discuss the idea with you, and if we can agree on it, then we’ll get to the script stage.