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Little Gou and the Four Flowers of Shandong

The Four Flowers of Shandong- Blossom, Lily, Chrysanthemum and Orchid, each as deadly as they are beautiful. When Little Gou falls into their hands, it’s up to Sister Cat to save him but whose side is Gou’s old buddy Shun on?

Photo by Maggie Smith

Written by Fiona Thraille
Produced by Robyn Paterson
Robyn Paterson as Little Gou
Fiona Thraille as Sister Cat
Richard Bartock as Shun
Ty Konzak as Punctilious Wei
David Ault as Ming
Al Asoche as Blossom
Melissa D. Johnson as Chrysanthemum
Rosegirl18 as Lily
Melissa D. Johnson as Orchid

Ming’s Song:
Produced by: Saffron and Fiona Thraille
Performed by Saffron
Sung by David Ault

Addition music by Saffron

End Music:
“The Battle” by James Underberg

Sound Effects:
Freesound Project:

Apple iLife Sound Effects Collection
Purchased from SoundEffectsLibrary.com

This recording is licensed under a Creative Commons 2.0 noncommercial share-alike license.

This story and all related characters are copyright 2008 Robyn Paterson and Fiona Thraille, all rights reserved.

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