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Little Gou and the Emperor’s Cousin

Chinese Soup Bowl

Little Gou and the Emperor’s Cousin

When a crime lord’s wife is stricken with a mysterious illness, Gou finds himself facing off with Princess Lung, the Emperor’s Cousin, in his efforts to find a cure.

a Kung Fu Action Theatre Production

in conjunction with Animelondon.ca

Written and Produced by Robyn Paterson


Robyn Paterson as Little Gou

Michael Armstrong as Old Man Wong

Michael Horsepool as Little Wolf

James Wegg as Big Wolf

Evelyn Yung as Miss Lily and Princess Lung

Lisa To as the Waitress

Dave Collins as Ma the Soup Master

Sean Snapper as Six Finger Ho


Graham MacClean as Doctor Duan

This work and all the characters in it are
copyright Robyn Paterson, all rights reserved.

The music and sound effects in this production
copyright their original owners and creators.

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