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Little Gou at Hell’s Gate

Little Gou at Hell’s Gate

Little Gou and Sister Cat journey to take their charge Jing home to meet his new grandfather in this follow-up to Little Gou and the Bell Maker’s Son.

Stranded at a remote inn, they find themselves trapped with bounty hunters, an army unit, and the unit’s mysterious prisoner.

Written and Produced by Robyn Paterson


Robyn Paterson as Little Gou
Fiona Thraille as Sister Cat
Merodi as Jing
Chris Gumprich as Lieutenant Hung
John Boardman as Shay
Ty Konzak as Fan
Richard Bartock as the Soldier

With special guest stars:

Jack Ward as the Innkeeper
Shannon Hilche as the Innkeeper’s Wife

End Music:

“The Battle” by James Underberg

Sound Effects:

Freesound Project:
43513- hammer
25453- pub ambience
35033- chair
3981- chains
11591- saucer
13898- thump
21612- platesmash
21613- cupsmash
29617- pain male
29618- pain male
42903- glass break
44264- male fight
9018- cathedral door
12652- door
35213- slashkut
14624- soldati


Apple iLife Sound Effects Collection
Purchased from SoundEffectsLibrary.com

This story and all related characters are copyright 2008 Robyn Paterson, all rights reserved.

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