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Little Gou and the Order of the Perfect Golden Dragon

Little Gou and the Order of the Perfect Golden Dragon


Little Gou and the Order of the Perfect Golden Dragon is a swashbuckling martial arts radio play in which Gou, the hero, outwits his way through pirates and finds himself a prisoner of the ancient Order of the Perfect Golden Dragon. The Order, a nunnery, plans to execute him for sleeping with one of their members, and Little Gou’s only hope lies in the scroll he carries and a half-remembered song…

Runtime:42 minutes

A Kung Fu Action Theatre Production


(in order of appearance, with names in Brackets designating Voice Acting Alliance handles)

Robyn Paterson [UltraRob] as Little Gou

Jonathan Lourdes [Teacher_Nine] as Zhu the Whaler

Amanda Gatley [Leiko] as Sister ZhiZhu

Fiona Thraille [fthrll] as Sister Cat


Azure as Abbess Sister Willow of the Fall


Kevin Kulpa [Saint Kevin] and Michael Armstrong as Pirate Crewmen


Lisa To as the Temple Guard

Written and Directed by Robyn Paterson

Song “Whaler’s Lament” written by Robyn Paterson, Performed by Jonathan Lourdes and Fiona Thraille

With Sound Effects Provided by:


Edwyn of the VAA

The Freesound Project

Kung Fu Action Theatre would like to thank Voiceactingalliance.com and it’s members for it’s support in helping to cast this production, without which it would very likely never have been made. Thanks to all of you!

This production and all it’s characters are copyright Robyn Paterson, and are free to distribute to all your family and friends!

Liner Notes:

Abbess [A-Bess]: The head of a Nunnery.

A-Mi-Ta-To-Fu: “Buddha’s Name be Praised”

Dan Bing: A rolled crape shell with egg and often ham inside, usually served with a sweet sauce and eaten as a common breakfast food in Taiwan and some parts of China.

Dao-Lu: A series of movements used by martial artists to practice their form or warm up before a competition, known more commonly in English by it’s Japanese name- “kata”.

Guan Yu [Gwan-Yu]: Also known as Lord Guan, one of the three central heroes of the Chinese epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms. (One of the best books ever written!) After his death he supposedly rose from the dead to protect his sons, and as a result achieved something akin to Saint status among the Chinese. He is effectively the patron saint of Taiwan, and can be recognized by his red face and long black beard. He is considered one of the most just and noble beings to have ever lived, and could be considered a god of warriors.

Magistrate Dee: A famous judge from Chinese history.

Mahjong: A popular Chinese board game played with heavy tiles. Similar to the card game Bridge. When someone has a winning hand, they shout “Kong!”

Nunnery: Female counterpart to a Monestary, a religious retreat for Nuns.

Qi [Chee]: Life energy, used by WuXia Martial Artists to enhance their performance and do other feats not normally humanly possible.

The Dragon King: The Chinese God of the Ocean, similar to the Greek God Poseidon.

The Monkey King: Chinese trickster god, most famously known for his role in the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West.

Yang: Active, Masculine Energy, often Associated with Fire.

Yellow River: One of the two major rivers of China, and a major route of trade and boating.

Yin: Passive, Femine Energy, often Associated with Water.

ZhiZhu [Jur-Jew]: Spider [Mandarin]

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