Rob Talks the Love of Podcasting with Jack Ward

I recently paid a visit to the Sonic Society’s Sonic Speaks podcast to talk with the incomparable Jack Ward about the history of my podcast- Kung Fu Action Theatre. In the interview, we talk about how I got into podcasting, my experience running KFAT, and my eventual decision to stop doing audio drama. Along the way, we discuss writing and the transition of going between being an audio dramatist and a prose fiction writer, and the challenges that come with learning to tell stories in audio before you’ve mastered prose.

It was a fun chat, and I hope we can do it again sometime. It made me think a lot about the differences between writing for audio and prose that I hadn’t considered, and I think I too learn from the exploration. If you’re planning to do Audio Drama, or make the jump from Audio Drama to fiction writing, it would definitely be a good one to listen to.

1 thought on “Rob Talks the Love of Podcasting with Jack Ward

  1. The best part of doing Sonic Speaks is that I think I get the most out of anyone. Every time I sit down, I learn something more about writing, producing, and creating audio. My chat with Rob was especially exciting because of your skill in getting at the heart of writing and what makes effective writing. We absolutely will need a follow up! 🙂 Thanks!

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