Sherlock Holmes and the Tolling Bell

For those few who aren’t familiar with it, the Sonic Society out of CKDU in Halifax, Nova Scotia acts as a showcase for the best in modern audio drama. Each week Jack Ward and Shannon Hilchie show us how the Audio Drama form is not only still very much alive, but thriving in the internet age. They’ve been doing it for many years now, and each summer when CKDU is on hiatus they do a special internet-only program.

This Summer, Jack came up with the idea of inviting existing modern groups to do re-creations of some of our favorite OTR (Old Time Radio) shows from the classic age using our regular actors. In my case, I found a script online for an episode of the Sherlock Holmes OTR show that aired from 1939-1947, and being a Holmes fan I decided to produce it. These were “original” stories, as they ran out of classic Holmes stories pretty quickly, so it’s one I figured that most people had likely never heard.  After a quick (and quiet, since this was a “secret” project) session of casting I put the show together and it hit the web today. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes and the Tolling Bell

  1. Just got the chance to listen to the whole show on the air (My favourite time to hear the shows), and I am standing and applauding (albeit to the screen). Great work, super casting, and fantastic direction.
    Really enjoying this opportunity to hear everyone’s take on these shows, and yours was stellar my friend!

  2. Thanks man! It was an honor to be asked to be part of this project, and a blast to produce it! I agree, my cast really knocked out a home run on this one!

    I just listened to the original OTR episode for the first time tonight, and being totally immodest, we blew it away quality-wise! David and Ty were just born to play those roles!

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