Smashwords Releases eBook Sales Data!

 As someone who publishes on Smashwords, I got an update today about their company blog, which has made public a powerpoint the owner recently gave on ebook sales.

Ignoring the advertising speak, it’s some really interesting stuff. Apparently longer ebooks (100k+ words) sell better (unless you’re selling Romance or Erotica) and $2.99 to $5.99 is the optimal price point. If you’re thinking of Indie publishing, I highly recommend you take the time to skim through this powerpoint as it’s great to finally have some real data about what’s working and what isn’t.



4 thoughts on “Smashwords Releases eBook Sales Data!

  1. Thanks for the great link! As a self-published author I find this very helpful.

  2. I must say I expected something different, but given that my experience came from romance novels…. Oh well. It’s good to be proven wrong.

  3. Well, this is still a new field UnkieG, things may change drastically as the field evolves. What you said when we talked was correct, but in relation to the Romance and Erotica fields, which as you say is your area of expertise. 🙂

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