Spiderman: The Green Goblin’s Last Stand

For my money, probably my favorite version of Spidey put to film isn’t the recent big blockbuster films, it isn’t even an official film at all! It’s the fanfilm: The Green Goblin’s Last Stand. Which is a shot-for-shot adaption of the classic Spiderman story done by a group of amateur actors with almost no budget, yet which still manages to capture the spirit of Spiderman perfectly.

Here’s Part 1, and I believe the other parts are up as well. (For now, it keeps being taken down off Youtube for copyright violations I think.) Watch it while you can!

2 thoughts on “Spiderman: The Green Goblin’s Last Stand

  1. I agree. Even with the obvious monetary and technological constraints, there are still several elements that bring the spirit of the book and characters to life. I know that it filled a void at the time and that it was pretty fun to see Spidey bounce around the screen no matter how low budget.

    That new one coming out in theaters soon looks mighty cool, though!

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