Sudden flurry of activity



Some of you might be wondering why there’s a sudden flurry of activity here on my blog after being semi-dormant for so many months. Well, the truth is that I’ve always been doing this much posting, but it’s all been on Twitter and Facebook. (As my Twitter Feed digests on here show.)  I just decided to start putting everything on my Blog and then letting feeds repeat it on FB and Twitter instead of posting to those services. I also got a nifty Firefox App called Shareaholic which lets me post pages and interesting things to WordPress with almost no copy-pasting or effort.

I think with the arrival of Google+ it also became a little much to post to 3 services for social networking purposes. I hope I can import this blog feed into G+ shortly as well!

Productivity Update 17/01/10

Despite a busy first week at school I managed to cast and put into production both Twin Stars episode 208, and Little Gou and the Kind Word. It’ll be nice to have Little Gou back again, and I have a couple more Gou stories planned for this year as well. (Likely the gap between Book Two and Book Three of Twin Stars will be filled with Little Gou stories.)

Twin Stars 209 is still giving me trouble, but I think I finally have a real handle on it. Why has it been so hard to write? Well, prior to this when I’ve been doing space battles they’ve all been skirmishes or largely off screen, so I could focus on simple tactics and note the battles rather than show them. In TS209, however, we have a huge fleet battle which is the central focus of the story itself, and needs to be explained clearly to the audience in some fair levels of detail so they can follow it. Not easy to do when you’re working in pure audio without a narrator!

I originally tried to write it as I do most Twin Stars battles, focused on the characters and the dramatic elements with the battle itself done in fairly vague terms. That failed miserably. The battle is the center of the episode, I can’t just dance around it like I usually do if I want it to work. In the end, I spent a lot of time playing (my personal passion) Go, trying out various wargames, re-watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and doing a lot of reading on the subject of space warfare. From this, I actually sat down and worked out the battle in real terms of strategies and maneuvers, and I figured out exactly what happens and how it happens. The end result is the battle is the story, and is now front and center throughout the episode. How the characters experience it and deal with it has become the window to that story, instead of the story itself.

I had thought that episodes like this would turn out to be the easiest part of Twin Stars to do, but as usual what looks easy when done well in presentation is actually damn hard to do when done in practice.

Status Update

Finished rough draft of Little Gou and the Cook (aka Little Gou and the Poisoner). On to Twin Stars 209!

And so this is Christmas…

Christmas has finally arrived, which can only mean one thing- a break for this poor weary teacher. Well, not really a break since I have every intention of spending it trying to catch up on all the writing this past hellish semester has prevented me from doing.

What’s on my writing/production slate right now?

Awaiting Production:

Twin Stars 208

Little Gou and the Kind Word

Writing: (takes deep breath…)

Little Gou and the Poisoner

Little Gou and the Lost Berries of Mount Shan

Little Gou and the Lesson

Team Iron Angel: Mountain of Darkness

Twin Stars 209 (Book 2 finale, got pushed off too long…)

and of course more D-Ranger

Gonna be a busy holiday, and I doubt I’ll get it all done. But I gotta try!