For god’s sake people, stop clicking on mystery links in emails from friends.


In the last week, it seems many people I know have made the mistake of clicking on a link in an email from a friend. The letters tend to read like this:

Subject: Darling/Facebook/I Miss you/RE: (etc)

Hey! Check out my new Facebook page! (Shortened link here)

These are virus traps that grab your contact list and then email themselves to everyone on your list, hoping to trick them too because it comes from a trusted source.

The simple rule of email is- if something seems odd, don’t click it! No matter who it’s from!

Following this rule will help you prevent the spread to other people’s systems.

Thank you, and have a nice day!


RSS to Post readers suck!


I’ve been playing with readers which take a post from another blog’s RSS feed and then display it on yours as a way to automate some processes between my sites. The problem is they keep transferring multiple copies! Annoying! Looks like I’ll keep doing it by hand for the time being. :-/

Webfiction day.


Thus ends Rob’s big day of research into Webfiction. For those who have followed this little journey- congrats! I won’t do this every day, but when I’m doing research I will sometimes use this blog as my “note pad” so that others can see what I’ve found and benefit from my research if they wish. It’s part of my new approach to blogging and using this space in a more interactive way.