Webfiction- How long and how often?

I spent the afternoon catching up on the Webfiction World podcast, and while it had many interesting bits, a few tips from Episode 2- Hows, Whys, Dos and Don’ts stood out for me. One of the hosts MCM did some research (although he doesn’t mention where) and found that Webfiction “postings” should optimally be 1000 words or less in length. (More is offputting to some of the more casual readers.) They should also be posted on the same day(s) each week to promote habit-forming and so the readers know when to check back, and optimally one day a week so as not to burn out the writer. (If the writer wants to do it twice a week, fine, but the more days they do it, the higher chance of burning out or missing days.)

He also suggests that if writers miss their appointed day, they post a “sorry” notation and don’t post again until the following week. (In other words, don’t break the rhythm.)

Good advice, I think.


4 thoughts on “Webfiction- How long and how often?

  1. Sounds like great advice.

    Also, judging by the practice behind regularly-produced podcasts, it might be a sensible idea for the writer not to publish their first post immediately but to write two or three posts in advance as a buffer. That way, if there is an emergency or a particularly busy week, they have the peace of mind that there’s still something to publish on the day.

  2. Hmmmm….

    Just what the world needs; marketing for amateurs! ‘Cos nothing helps a burgeoning entertainment field like marketing!

    Don C.

    • Considering how many Amateurs are honestly trying to do it right, Don, there’s no harm in helping them on their way. It might even end up improving the chances of the quality products surviving!

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