Yesterday’s Trains of the Future

Everyone has their idea of a romantic way to travel, and for me it’s always been the train. I guess it’s the feeling of both nostalgia and comfort I get from riding them, but to me they represent the classiest way to travel across the land.

Now, if only I was riding in one of these Art Deco babies, it really would be the classiest!

2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Trains of the Future

  1. Excellent. JUST finished listening to Michael Enright’s Sunday Edition about the train and going across Canada.
    Always felt it was short sighted of the PC’s to basically kill VIA Rail (But let’s be honest Conservatives are not always known for their wide sweeping vision)

    • Yep, VERY short-sighted.

      When Oil is $200+ a barrel in a few years, what do you think the most cost-effective and efficient means of moving cargo and people across this country will be? Let’s just say it won’t be electric transport trucks!

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